large8cropThank you for visiting my website. This is a place for me to talk about my books and what inspires me to write.

As a child when I wasn’t reading books, I was making up stories in my head. Daydreams inspired by Alice in Wonderland (the first book I ever loved), the Narnia series, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Sometimes those daydreams lead to playing “Nancy Drew”. Since I had strawberry-blonde hair back then, I was always Nancy, my blond sister Sally was always Bess, and our brunette neighbor Sara was always George.  Never mind that the game usually devolved into fighting, it was still all about the story. As I got a little older, I read more and more sci-fi and fantasy and the scope of my stories expanded beyond the world I could see in front of me. Spaceships, lands of dragons and knights, the center of the earth…I was there, usually the hero or at least helping.  Being the damsel in distress doesn’t interest me – being the damsel who kicks ass does!

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