Meet Olivia

Meet Olivia, the protagonist of The Supernormal Legacy: Dormant, at her seven year old birthday party – a significant turning point in her life. Book details can be found here. ************************* I sat at the head of the table, the place of honor, kicking my chair with my heels. Everyone around me was talking but the […]

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If you’ve read the short story Dormant…

…then you’ve read the first chapter of the novel (for the most part).  Here’s the short story in its original form. I thought it would be fun to give folks a chance to reread it before the novel comes out next week.   Dormant I crouched behind the table in the bank lobby cradling my […]

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Inspiration for the Dormant series

The idea for the Dormant trilogy came to me while watching The Dark Knight movies. So many superheros start their journey from normal human to superhero when a parental figure is taken from them tragically and I wondered what might happen if the opposite were true. What if someone was born into a family with […]

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