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The Supernormal Legacy Trilogy:

Book One: The Supernormal Legacy: Dormant

When Olivia is seven she watches as her supernormal mother is murdered by Mountain of Ash, a super villain terrorist organization. Olivia decides then and there the secretive and dangerous life of a supernormal is not for her. For the next seven years she lives life a normal kid with her normal dad – until she is forced to awaken her dormant powers to save hostages in a bank robbery. Now Olivia’s powers won’t go back into the genie’s bottle. Olivia must do what she dreads most – ask her mother’s family, the Brighthalls, for help controlling her powers.

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Book Two: The Supernormal Legacy: Root – coming Summer 2018!

It’s been several months since Olivia Woodson Brighthall accepted her supernormal heritage. Months since her cousin Emma went dark side. Months since Ben was forced into a prison coma. Now Olivia spends her days balancing supernormal life – training, hunting, and improving her fire and ice powers – with normal life – school, family time with Dad, and hiding her secret life from her dwindling group of normal friends.

When Portland is flooded with more supernormal beasts than ever before, Olivia and her family are thrust into a fight to keep people safe. A warning from one beast suggests someone is deliberately sending the monsters. But who among the Brighthall’s enemies has the power to compel creatures?

And then Olivia’s visions start…

Book Three: The Supernormal Legacy: Emerge– coming Winter 2018!

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