Inspiration for the Dormant series

The idea for the Dormant trilogy came to me while watching The Dark Knight movies. So many superheros start their journey from normal human to superhero when a parental figure is taken from them tragically and I wondered what might happen if the opposite were true. What if someone was born into a family with superhero-like powers and at a young age witnessed the death of a parent, would that event drive them to seek out a life without powers? Life as a normal person. As I wrote the short story that became the first chapter in Dormant, I explored how Olivia Woodson handled seeing her mother killed when Olivia was seven. And then, seven years later, Olivia has deal with the consequences of rejecting her mother’s family, the Brighthalls, when she awakens her abilities to save normals during a bank robbery.

The Brighthalls are supernormals, a race with abilities such as super strength, hearing, sight, and strength. Each supernormal also develops a significant ability at or before age thirteen. Once a supernormal manifests their significant ability they can enter training. There are supernaturals all over the global, but their numbers are much reduced since a catastrophic event in the early 1700s that killed over 80% of the supernormal population. Not much is known about the event except that common lore states it was caused by a supernormal with the ability to read and control minds. Since then any supernormal who develops the significant ability to read minds is forbidden from using that ability and most supernormal are trained to block mind reading/control attempts.

Supernormals have a global governing body called The Council. They have bases in the US under the Rocky Mountains, as well in other parts of the world. Also located in near The Council’s seat of power is Ley Prison, where many of the supernormals who have turned evil are imprisoned. A hospital and research facility are nearby as well.

After Olivia uses her abilities she can’t suppress them anymore. She agrees to go through supernormal training at the request of the Brighthalls. Olivia just wants to control her abilities enough so she can stop using them again but her mother’s family knows differently. Olivia can’t reject her heritage any longer.

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